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REVERSIBLE Shelf Brackets with French Cleat, 2 count

REVERSIBLE Shelf Brackets with French Cleat, 2 count

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These versatile REVERSIBLE Shelf Brackets with French Cleat - from my video French Cleat Workstation - Why I NEEDED this Shipping Work Area! - are an extremely customizable way to organize your shop. The big difference between these and my DECORATIVE Shelf Brackets with French cleat is that - no prizes for guessing! - these are reversible, meaning you can put the shelf on top of the French cleat, or underneath. This lets you mix and match to your needs, staggering them as necessary to get taller or shorter shelves, and to have your shelves either stand away from the wall, or mount flush up against it.

Whether you need a large shelf or a small shelf, these brackets will accept any shelf that you cut to customize your space. If you've always wanted to get involved with French cleats now's your chance!

And hey, I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your purchase. You're the people who make all this possible, and we never for a moment take that for granted. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you.

— Chris and family

Because wood is a natural product, color and pattern may vary from what is pictured here, and from one lot to another.

By purchasing this product, the purchaser agrees to take responsibility and liability for the use of this product. As always, this product is intended for personal use and may not be reproduced or replicated for profit.

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