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MDF Tool Holder Template

MDF Tool Holder Template

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Use this MDF Tool Holder template to make your own version of my Birch Tool Holder! As I mention in this video, I got a lot of requests from people wanting to make their own Tool Holder out of whatever materials, in whatever way they wanted. I'm all about supporting the maker community, and I think this is a great way to do that! So here's the template, so you can make as many as you'd like, yourself, out of your own materials - I just ask that you only use them for personal use, not make them to sell!

Each template comes with 3 physical pieces: the top, the back, and the 90 degree corbel. They're all made from 1/4-inch MDF. The box joint is 3/4-inch, but you can use thinner stock by trimming off the proud ends of the box joint.

As ever, gang, thank you so much for all your support! You're what makes all this possible.

— Chris and family

Because wood is a natural product, color and pattern may vary from what is pictured here, and from one lot to another.

By purchasing this product, the purchaser agrees to take responsibility and liability for the use of this product. As always, this product is intended for personal use and may not be reproduced or replicated for profit.

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