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DIGITAL FILE - Total Boat THIXO / Caulk Caddy with French Cleat

DIGITAL FILE - Total Boat THIXO / Caulk Caddy with French Cleat

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Got another freebie for you all! It's designed to store everything you need for your THIXO - but it stores standard caulking tubes as well. It's got French Cleats because of course it does, and a hook at the bottom of each side panel to hold your caulking gun because I'm tired of the mess when I don't hang it up.

It's meant to be cut out a laser, from 1/4-inch material - typically ranging from 0.19 to 0.20 inches in thickness. Hey, did you know I actually sell 1/4-inch project panels? I do. Check out my 1/4-inch Domestic Maple Plywood Project Panels if your stock is running low!

Speaking of Total Boat, if you'd like to support the site and the channel and my family in general, click here and go shopping. It'd be a nice thank you for the free caddy design. 😉

Can't thank you enough for supporting us all these years!

—Chris and family.

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