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DIGITAL FILE - Nintendo Switch Wall Mount

DIGITAL FILE - Nintendo Switch Wall Mount

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Cut your own Nintendo Switch Wall Mount! I’ve included everything you need to make your own with a CNC or laser cutter: AI, DXF, LBR, and SVG files.

This Nintendo Switch wall mount is the perfect way to display your gaming console in style. Once you’ve cut the shapes, it goes together in just a few minutes, with just a little wood glue or superglue. Check out the video below, or right here on YouTube!

I’ve included cut-outs for the USB ports and cable management, and two options for face plates: one shows off your entire Switch, while the other can be custom-engraved or display any artwork of your choosing - like this free Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom art I created!

The wall mount perfectly fits the original or OLED Nintendo Switch and its dock, and the backer board gives you a nice snug fit once everything is installed.

Need a place to store your controllers? Cut your own Dual Video Game Controller Wall Mount! It holds Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons or Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers - PlayStation and Xbox controllers, too.

Once again, a massive thank you. Your support means everything to us! Please enjoy displaying your game console in style.

—Chris and family.

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