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DIGITAL FILE - Living Hinge Collection - 4 IN 1!

DIGITAL FILE - Living Hinge Collection - 4 IN 1!

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Make your own Living Hinge Collection organizers - in the all-new updated 2024 style!

One of the greatest things about being a Maker is that you don’t have to get other people to make things for you: you can make them yourself! That kind of self-sufficiency feels amazing, gives you a heck of a feeling of accomplishment, and it’s just better for everyone around you, too.

So flex that maker muscle by making your own Living Hinge Collection! They’re all here: the EDC Carry Tray, the Large Item Holder, the Pen & Pencil Holder, and the awesome Phone Stand. I took the all-new redesigned versions and put together the AI, DXF, SVG, and Lightburn files for all of them and I’m making them all available to you in one file, for one super-low price.

If you’ve got a laser cutter - anything from a 10-watt diode up to 150-watt CO2! - you can use these files to make these awesome organizers yourself. Don’t have the material lying around? Pick up some Baltic Birch Project Panels and you’re all set! Included in the file is a link to the video showing you how to assemble them once they’re cut. (Also included below!)

The "living hinge" is a very aesthetically-appealing, super cool-looking effect made by laser cutting wood with a repeating pattern, allowing it to bend along the cuts while being durable and functional. That being said, while assembling your purchase, please take care as these pieces can be a bit fragile before fully assembled. Just use caution and take your time when putting your kit together! I do recommend a medium viscosity super glue and activator to put yours together - however, you can use whatever method you would like.

Thank you so much! Your help supporting us makes all of this possible. I hope you enjoy making your own Living Hinge Collection as much as I loved (re)designing them for you!

— Chris and family

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