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DIGITAL FILE - Laser Cut Drill Holder with French Cleat

DIGITAL FILE - Laser Cut Drill Holder with French Cleat

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Got your own laser? Make your own Laser Cut Drill Holder with French Cleat!

Easily cut these on a CO2 or a diode laser. Your power and speeds may vary, but both styles of laser will have no trouble cutting this product at the recommended wood thickness - these files are designed to work with 1/4-inch plywood, typically measuring between 0.19-0.21 inches on a caliper. SVG, AI, and DXF files included!

Want to see how they snap together? Check out the video below, or watch it here!

While glue isn't necessary with these glueless joints, tacking this in place with CA glue or dabs of wood glue is completely okay, if you so desire.

As ever, thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot.

—Chris and family.

By purchasing this product, the purchaser agrees to take responsibility and liability for the use of this product. As always, this product is intended for personal use and may not be reproduced or replicated for profit.

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