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DIGITAL FILE - French Cleat Clamp Holder and Clamphog

DIGITAL FILE - French Cleat Clamp Holder and Clamphog

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Get your clamps off your bench and onto your French Cleat wall - and do it all yourself! This digital download includes plans for both my CLAMP BRACKET with French Cleat and the old-style Clamphog for your spring clamps - in every format you can imagine. It’s designed for Vcarve Pro, but I’ve included the SVG, AI, DXF, and even PDF files, for whatever software you need!

(Looking for the updated “CLAMP-U-PINE”? Pick up the latest design!)

Personally, I use an 1/8-inch compression boot that is an 1-1/8-inch long, but as long as you have 3/4-inch of clearance this will definitely work. The cut depth is 0.75 as my material is 0.70 - but check to make sure your 3/4-inch material is roughly 5/100-inch smaller than your depth of cut.

I designed this to be done in seven passes with a feed rate of 35-in/min to 48-in/min, but depending on your machine you may want to go faster or slower. I followed the outside edge of the vector and I use a quarter of an inch ramp in on each pass.

Thank you again for everything, most definitely including your continued support! I hope you enjoy getting your clamps organized.

— Chris and family

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