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DIGITAL FILE - 3 French Cleat Glue Caddies

DIGITAL FILE - 3 French Cleat Glue Caddies

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Cut your own Glue Caddy with French CleatEach caddy has a small storage compartment underneath and all can be mounted on standard French cleat walls.

This digital file package includes the Lightburn file, an SVG, a DXF, and a Word doc with additional info. It's designed for 1/8-inch plywood (3 mm in thickness), and to be cut on a laser cutter. Once cut, just check out the instructional video linked in the Word doc for assembly instructions!

These use my patent-pending Click & Lock system, so no glue is needed - kinda funny when you think about it - but feel free to reinforce the connections with a little super glue/CA glue.

If you're looking for 3 mm Baltic Birch project panels, it just so happens I sell it here

As always, we can't thank you enough for your support.

—Chris and family.

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