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"CLAMP-U-PINE" Spring Clamp Storage with French Cleat

"CLAMP-U-PINE" Spring Clamp Storage with French Cleat

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From its first release - almost two years ago now! - this cozy little home for spring clamps has been one of my most popular products. It solves a perpetual problem around the shop: where to put all those spring clamps without just having them randomly clamped to shelves and tabletops?

Well, after a couple years of using it, I've thought of a few ways to make it even better, so I'm releasing a new-and-improved version!

Crafted meticulously with laser precision from top-notch quarter-inch plywood, it's a breeze to put together. Just grab some CA glue or any old wood glue, and you're good to go. You can see the assembly process in action in this video!

The new version has a big handle on top so you can pick it up and carry it where you need it, for the ultimate in spring clamp portability. No more running back and forth to grab "just one more" clamp when you're working on something. Keep all your clamps with you, all the time! And here's the kicker, it's got built-in French cleats, making it super easy to grab and go. You can take it and pop it onto any workbench in a jiffy.

On top of all that, its design is ergonomic to perfection. It allows your hand to naturally slip into the right spot when you're placing the clamps - and now it's got a little more curvature to it, so you can get your big mitts in and out more easily, particularly if you're working with gloves on. Simple, right?

Thank you so much for your continued support. We appreciate you!

—Chris and family.

Because wood is a natural product, color and pattern may vary from what is pictured here, and from one lot to another.

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